Active in the Fiber to the Home market for more than ten years.

GO FiberConnect is a product of GOconnectIT. GOconnectIT has been active in the Fiber to the Home market for more than a decade now. With a growing number of German and Belgian contractors and 90% of Dutch contractors as our FTTH customers, we possess extensive knowledge of the processes of contractors and network providers.

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Part of Sogelink Group

GOconnectIT is part of the Sogelink Group, the European leader in construction tech. We help organisations successfully overcome challenges related to urbanisation, mobility, energy transition and climate change. Developing a future-proof solution for the fibreglass installation sector is a key goal for the organisation.

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Location intelligence

Sogelink Group employs experts in the field of location intelligence and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). We use unique knowledge of data on the environment and innovative technologies to provide insight into situations above and below ground.

In addition to GO FiberConnect, Sogelink Group offers a wider range of software solutions that can be used to facilitate fibreglass installation projects. For example, it is possible to monitor the progress of the FTTH rollout on a map from the office. You can also access additional information that is relevant to the digging being performed. Think of e.g. maps showing existing cables and pipes, contaminated soil and permits. Augmented Reality, LIDAR and 3D visualisation allow you to view a field situation from every angle.

The team

GO FiberConnect is supported by experienced consultants and a dedicated development team. To offer clients the best possible support, we also have servicedesk staff that speak multiple languages.

Michel Kraaijeveld afbeelding
Sales director

Michel Kraaijeveld

Michel has been working as sales director at Sogelink Group since 1 March 2022. He is responsible for our commercial activities in the German-speaking countries.

Tim Vrijsen afbeelding
Key account manager

Tim Vrijsen

Tim is your go-to contact for all commercial questions and concerns. He is also available to help optimise and further expand the partnership

Jürgen Koek afbeelding
Servicedesk agent

Jürgen Koek

If you have any questions about how to use the software, Jürgen is just a phone call away. At our servicedesk, he supports our clients in German and English.

The consulting team

The team’s consultants know the ins and outs of fiberglass network installation and management. They have extensive experience: from project leader, team leader, delivery manager and work planner to call centre agent, data analyst and GIS specialist. They bring their practical knowledge of gas, electricity, coAX, in-home roll-out and FTTH to the table to assist with the implementation of GO FiberConnect.

Daniëlle van Schaik afbeelding
Teamlead Consultancy

Daniëlle van Schaik

Oscar Escobosa Bosman afbeelding
ICT Consultant

Oscar Escobosa Bosman