Curious about the costs
for your organisation?

The choice for GO FiberConnect is a predictable investment. We offer suitable subscriptions based on Homes Passed and licences. You will know in advance what the final costs are.

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Predictable and flexible

Choosing GO FiberConnect means choosing proven FTTH rollout software. We offer suitable subscriptions for different volumes of fiberglass installation. We will immediately provide clear insight into the investment, based on the number of Homes Passed and the number of licences. Furthermore, we are happy to clarify the manner in which we intend to work alongside your core team to implement the GO FiberConnect software within your organisation.

Price indication

Price structure


Billing based on the number of Homes Passed (for the back-office application). Bulk discount available.

One-time investment:

  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Integration with the network provider’s construction or supply network


Billing based on the number of licences (for the field-service application). Bulk discount available.


  • Servicedesk-Support
  • Updates


Extra modules

  • SmartPlanning
  • SMS-module
  • Use of API

One-time investment at project start

Based on your wishes, we will calculate the required one-time investment for the implementation. The implementation consists of setting up the software in accordance with the client’s Programme of Demands and any requisite integrations with their systems. We will also provide the necessary training and onboarding for employees.

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Usage-based investment

The required investment is based on your use of the software. The subscription is tailored to the scope of the activities. We offer a suitable subscription with a calculation model based on the number of Homes Passed for the back-office application and the number of licences for the field-service application. We also offer a bulk discount for larger volumes. Request an offer for more information about the available bulk discount levels.


Data security and updates

GO FiberConnect is a SaaS application, which means we will take care of hosting and updates for you. This also guarantees the security of the data.

The company GOconnectIT, the product and the development team of GO FiberConnect software are ISO 27001 certified. The GO FiberConnect software is hosted on our own private cloud in an ISO 27001-certified data centre located within the European Union.

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We offer a ticket system that you can use to report any issues you encounter while working with GO FiberConnect. On working days, a support agent is available by phone.