GO FiberConnect
does the work for you

GO FiberConnect provides insight and allows for the management of tasks and activities so projects are predictable in terms of quality and turnaround time, and residents and businesses are informed properly and in a timely manner. Apps for site and quality inspections, progress and unit visits are part of the solution.

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Back office and field service

The GO FiberConnect solution combines a workflow and planning tool for office processes and a versatile app for field service processes with various tools for communication and data exchange.

Workflow and planning

In the office

In the office, our software supports back-office staff with the workflow and planning. The software is fully tailored towards the network provider’s Programme of Demands (PoD). Every step of the workflow is included, allowing staff to shift their focus from planning and control to inspection and analysis. The software constantly communicates with field service staff on location. This provides real-time insight into the progress being made and ensures timely action can be taken when necessary.


  • Workflow-Management
  • Planning board
  • Import functionality
  • Task overview
  • Customer profiles
  • Generating projects
  • Roles-permissions structure
  • Communication tools: sending out letters and emails
  • Sharing project progress with the client’s supply system


The software's standard functionalities can optionally be expanded with:

SMS module

The SMS module makes it possible to send SMS messages to end customers. Such SMS messages are configured per plannable task. Multiple SMS notifications can be configured for each plannable task. For example:

For example:

  • An SMS message one week before the appointment
  • An SMS message as a reminder one day before the appointment
  • And a final notifications two hours before the appointment

The actual content and sender of each notification can be customised. So-called placeholders can be used in the text, to be replaced later by e.g. the name of the end customer or the exact time of the appointment.

SmartPlanning module

The SmartPlanning module allows call centre agents to check what appointment option would be the most efficient at the press of a button. When rescheduling addresses, this saves them from having to comb through the entire planning to look for an opening. As an added benefit, practically anyone can contribute to the planning and more employees can be flexibly added to the team without much onboarding.

The customer portal gives customers the option to schedule and reschedule their own appointments – albeit within the parameters you have defined, of course.

Appointments are scheduled as closely together as possible. Appointments are always confirmed by both parties. The mechanics are optimally deployed. It is also possible to send out a reminder in the form of an email or SMS message one day before the appointment.

Integration with clients’ systems

During the implementation, we create essential integrations with:

Construction progress overview


Task management system


Engineering tool

you can also create your own integrations via the REST API

These integrations provide instant insight into the progress and details of the fiber installation project. On top of that, they do not add to the contractor's administrative workload. This saves valuable time and ensures fewer errors are made. It is also the only way to properly manage the large volume of the FTTH installation. With these integrations, GO FiberConnect offers myriad more options than generic workflow software.

Cloud-based solution

GO FiberConnect is hosted in the cloud and employees can log in via their browser; no further installation is required. The field-service application is also available offline. This means staff can enter data at any time, even when working in remote rural areas. As soon as an internet connection is available, the data are automatically synchronised with the back office.


GO FiberConnect is available in multiple languages.

Data security comes first

The company GOconnectIT, the product and the development of GO FiberConnect software are ISO 27001 certified. The GO FiberConnect software is hosted on our own private cloud in an ISO 27001-certified data centre.