As a network provider, it can be difficult to maintain control over a project’s progress

When working with many different (sub)contractors, it can be hard to stay on top of a project’s progress. With GO FiberConnect, that becomes a thing of the past. Read our information package to find out exactly how our solution works.

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How it works

Our software is integrated with your own construction or supply network, so you get direct insight into contractors’ progress. The workflow for contractors is set up in accordance with the desired process. Their field service employees use dedicated apps in which they can check off tasks as they complete them.

This gives you more control over your financial processes and allows you to provide your customers with accurate information in a timely manner. That is what we call a win-win situation.

The advantages of GO FiberConnect

Control over your project progress:

  • Real-time insight into the progress being made by contractors and subcontractors. The foreman on site can check off completed tasks and covered distances in real time via the app. The app’s integration ensures these completed tasks are immediately shown in your progress monitoring system or supply network.
  • This means you no longer have to wait for manual uploads of progress overviews. The progress overview is automatically generated based on completed tasks and constantly updated in the system.
  • Immediately bill the end customer once their home connection is done.
  • Insight into delays: you can reach out to the contractor to discuss the situation.
  • Maintain a clear overview of the installation of large volumes in FTTH rollout, even when working with many different contractors and subcontractors.

Safeguarding quality:

  • The software is tailored towards the predetermined Programme of Demands. This ensures all contractors and subcontractors work in accordance with a uniform process. They follow the required steps that are incorporated into the workflow for their back office and digital forms for their field service.
  • The software is set up to make it impossible to skip any essential steps. This reduces errors and helps prevent missing information. You will save time on correcting and completing information and only have to dig into the earth once. This ultimately speeds up the fiberglass installation process and makes your projects more sustainable.
  • The end customer can be kept better informed because problems can be resolved more effectively. When dealing with complaints, it is clear what activities were performed when and by what party. This ultimately benefits your customer satisfaction.

A wealth of invaluable data:

  • From verification to analysis and prediction: Predicting progress based on an accurate and complete progress overview.
  • Verification of the data. You can choose what data to share with contractors, so they can only access their own data.
  • Improved insight into the entire FTTH project by combining all data in your own systems via an open and accessible REST API.

Find out how we help you
save time and prevent errors

Information package

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GO FiberConnect

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Germany on the way
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The digital “heart” of the FTTH process.

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Integrate with:

Construction progress overview


management system


Engineering tool

and more, via the REST API.

No need for manual imports and exports via .csv files.

Download technical specifications

Optimising communication with end customers:


GO FiberConnect supports communication via email, letter and SMS. For example, the system can generate information letters for residents about upcoming construction activities.

24/7 self-service

24/7 self-service for end customers with SmartPlanning and a customer portal.


Recognisable and professional image in the communication with end customers. You can add a personal touch to information letters, emails, SMS messages and other forms of communication. All contractors use the same identical forms that carry the client’s logo.

Data security

The company GOconnectIT, the product and the development of GO FiberConnect software are ISO 27001 certified. The GO FiberConnect software is hosted on our own private cloud in an ISO 27001-certified data centre.

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