Tailored to your FTTH process

During the training, you will be familiarised with the software
and learn how to use it in your FTTH process.
The training is designed to make your daily activities easier.

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Release to the application manager

The training for the application manager focuses on the use of the application and practical options with regard to generating users, projects and roles. The application manager will also learn to configure digital forms, so they can make their own changes without having to call on our development team.

Training for users

For the user training, our consultant will draw up a hands-on work instruction and guide the user through the process. If a user encounters any difficulties during their work, they can consult the steps in the documentation, which is tailored to the process. They also have the opportunity to ask questions during the consultation hours. Whenever possible, the training is offered on location. The training can be provided directly to the users or via the train-the-trainer principle.


  • Consultation hours
  • Access to documentation specifically about the FTTH process

Do you want to prepare your application manager?

Show them the technical specifications of our software. You can download the JSON file of our OPEN API here

Technical specs

Here's what our clients
think of GO FiberConnect

VoorInfra afbeelding

VoorInfra opts for GO FiberConnect

“GO FiberConnect is the epicentre of the FTTH process.”

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GO FiberConnect Placeholder

Germany on the way
to turbo internet

Optimise fibre roll-out?
Visit us at the Fiberdays in Wiesbaden, Stand F6 in Hall North,
15-16 March 2023.

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Volkerwessels telecom afbeelding

GO FiberConnect at VolkerWessels Telecom

The digital “heart” of the FTTH process.

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Step-by-step learning

The training includes the following components:

Data and management



Home connection

(Task) integration

The training follows the Bouwliniaal. Users do not learn everything all at once; instead, they are trained to use the components that are relevant at that point in the process. This ensures the amount of new information never becomes overwhelming and everything the employee learns can immediately be put into practice.

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