Save time and prevent errors

Our software was developed in close collaboration with network providers and contractors. The software was specifically developed to facilitate the process of installing fiberglass networks. Everything is designed to contribute to the success of contractors and network providers, based on our experience with circa five million FTTH connections. Read our information package to find out exactly how our solution works.

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GO FiberConnect takes matters out of your hands

GO FiberConnect takes matters out of the hands of contractors during a fiberglass installation project. The dedicated workflows, self-service customer appointments and direct data exchange between field service, office and client save time and prevent errors.

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The advantages of GO FiberConnect

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For field service and office:

  • Multi-language software
  • Intuitive software for the digitalisation of daily (administrative) processes in the field
  • Interface with various OTDR suppliers
  • Offline functionality for field service staff. When working in remote rural areas where no internet connection is available, data can be entered into the system to be uploaded and processed later

Communication with customers:

  • 24/7 self-service with SmartPlanning and a customer portal
  • Support for communication via email, letter and SMS

A complete overview of all available information:

  • Real-time insight into your own progress and that of subcontractors. The foreman on site can check off completed tasks and covered distances in real time via the app. These are immediately visible to back-office staff in GO FiberConnect.
  • Sharing process data and progress with the client in an insightful manner
  • No need to call field service staff to request a status update
  • No need to manually update and send out project overviews
  • Integrations and data exchange options with network providers via REST API
  • Option to analyse your own progress data

Find out how we help you
save time and prevent errors

Information package

These companies already use GO FiberConnect

Volkerwessels telecom afbeelding

GO FiberConnect at VolkerWessels Telecom

The digital “heart” of the FTTH process.

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GO FiberConnect Placeholder

Germany on the way
to turbo internet

Optimise fibre roll-out?
Visit us at the Fiberdays in Wiesbaden, Stand F6 in Hall North,
15-16 March 2023.

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VoorInfra afbeelding

VoorInfra opts for GO FiberConnect

“GO FiberConnect is the epicentre of the FTTH process.”

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Onboarding included

During the onboarding, the software’s setup is tailored towards the client’s Programme of Demands (PoD). Furthermore, employees are instructed on how to use the software:

  • Support from consultants with knowledge and experience in the FTTH sector
  • Documentation tailored to your own setup and available online anywhere and anytime
  • Step-by-step training in how to use the software
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