The installation of the fiberglass
network in Europe is under
serious time pressure

To realise the FTTH Council Europe forecast, it is essential to perform the required activities as efficiently as possible. That is where GO FiberConnect comes in.
Would you like to know how we do that?

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Smart software for a faster FTTH process

GO FiberConnect reduces your administrative workload, provides a well-defined process in accordance with predefined requirements and facilitates communication between the client, the contractor and the end customer. This reduces the amount of manual labour involved and prevents incorrect or incomplete information, thereby ensuring that technical staff can be deployed with optimal efficiency.

Our software was developed in close collaboration with network providers and contractors. The software was specifically developed to facilitate the process of installing fiberglass networks. Everything is designed to contribute to the success of contractors and network providers, based on our experience with circa five million Homes Passed. With GO FiberConnect, contractors and network providers can perform high-quality and properly managed fiberglass installation projects in order to guarantee stable and future-proof fiberglass connections for business and private end customers alike.

First Time Right

Our solution boosts the First Time Right towards customers. The solution increases the predictability of projects, which ultimately improves the customer experience as well. For example, a contract with a specific customer is only signed once a fully tested fiberglass cable has been installed near their property.

Discover how our solution works for:

GO FiberConnect was developed for and together with network operators and construction companies. This technology has already proven itself in more than 250 fiber optic expansion projects in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Learn how GO FiberConnect can accelerate fiber deployment for network operators and construction companies.

Network providers

The integration with your own construction or supply network is our key concern. You get real-time, up-to-date and clear insight into the progress made by the various contractors involved in the project. GO FiberConnect provides overview and safeguards the uniformity of the process and clear communication with the end customer, thereby improving the predictability of the project, the collaboration between parties and the sustainability of the FTTH installation.

  • Integration with construction or supply network
  • Real-time insight into progress
  • Contractors follow a uniform process, based on a Programme of Demands
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Working in accordance with the client’s demands with specifically designed processes. GO FiberConnect reduces duplicate and manual activities, saves costs through planning optimisation and allows teams to work in a task-driven manner.

  • Automated progress monitoring and reporting
  • Offline input possible, useful in rural areas
  • Available in multiple languages
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  • 7.2 NPS Score +50
  • 350+ rollout projects
  • 66K Efficient processes
  • 6.000.000 Homes Passed
  • 100% Paper free

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The digital “heart” of the FTTH process.

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Germany on the way
to turbo internet

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15-16 March 2023.

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