Hightech integration to handle the complexities of fiber networks

GOconnectIT announces the release of an important integration between the fiber rollout software GO FiberConnect and GRIDSZ, the proven order management platform designed by Speer IT and Infodation to handle the complexities of fiber networks and to simplify end-to-end data management of fiber rollout projects.

This new integration facilitates communication between Open Dutch Fiber (ODF) and contractors. ODF is a major passive operator in the Dutch fiber market and this integration is expected to provide high-value efficiency and cost-effectiveness for both them and their contractors. Bart van der Pol, Business Architect at ODF: “Integrations are essential to our rapidly scaling operations, as a passive network operator this integration will enable us to more aptly steer our business.”

During the current test phase, the integration is being utilized by a single contractor, Euronet/Voorinfra, and will soon be rolled out to an additional nine contractors that work with ODF. This rollout makes GO FiberConnect the number one rollout tool for contractors working for the passive operator. 

For us, the GO FiberConnect-Gridsz integration is a highly desirable and logical optimization in data exchange with Open Dutch Fiber. This gives us more time to focus on our construction process and the end user.” says Mathijs Strous, Business Manager at Euronet/Voorinfra.

The most important benefits of this integration for the contractors include:

  • Orders are received and status reports sent in real-time.
  • Seamless integration means minimal administrative burden, as contractors can work in GO FiberConnect as usual while the integration takes care of the information exchange between them and the passive network provider and active operators.
  • Fulfilling the SLA with the network provider is faster and easier because of the direct communication, also ensuring that the passive network operator can provide better quality service to active operators.

For the passive network operator, having contractors fully onboarded on the GRIDSZ Platform unlocks a much greater potential for steering the entire end-to-end process. The seamlessly interconnected systems – GO FiberConnect for the rollout, GRIDSZ for order management, and Cocon as the proven operating and maintenance solution for fiber networks – means that everything can be done in one place.

This integration can help guarantee the reliability and availability of the fiber network, which also means more customer satisfaction in both the private and business market segments.

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About GOconnectIT

GO FiberConnect is a product of GOconnectIT. GOconnectIT has been active in the Fiber to the Home market for more than a decade now. With a growing number of German and Belgian contractors and 90% of Dutch contractors as FTTH customers, GOconnectIT possess extensive knowledge of the processes of contractors and network providers.

Since 2021, GOconnectIT and Geodan together form the LOCATIQS Group. LOCATIQS provides GIS & Field Service Management software products and services that help policymakers and operators navigate and comply with (legislative) spatial rules and challenges. Almost 250 employees who together serve more than 1,800 customers across the Benelux, DACH and UK regions, from central and local governments to network operators, construction companies and logistical providers. Our

About Gridsz

Gridsz is the result of a joint venture between Speer IT, owner of the fiber optic registration system Cocon, and the software development experts at Infodation. Every bit of our combined 36+ years of knowledge and experience in the telco industry has been put into developing this platform. That combined expertise is what makes it possible for every process in telco network management, from fulfillment to service and post-connection activities, to be organized within this single software solution.

More information:
Michel Kraaijeveld
Sales manager – GO FiberConnect
E-mail – m.kraaijeveld@goconnectit.nl

Paul Havinga – COO Speer IT/Gridsz
E-mail – Paul.havinga@speerit.nl