Plan appointments in most optimal order with Smart Planning

The Smart Planning module in GO FiberConnect allows you to automatically plan appointments in most optimal order (based on distance, travel time and number of field workers) and with minimal effort from your office staff. The Smart Planning simply suggests best appointment times for the task you wish to plan. Read about the possibilities this offers:

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Smart Planning Configuration on Work Area


Possibility to distribute tasks of a sick colleague to other field workers or to a dedicated stand-in person.

Work Area specific configuration

Most of the Smart Planning parameters, which previously were only available in general system configuration are now also available per Work Area. This allows for more fine grained adjustment of those to support different work agreements and conditions from project to project. This includes also Portals’ Smart Planning configuration.

Freeze planning

You can define how many days in advance the Smart Planning should no longer offer and optimise time slots.

Configuration on Work Area

Custom task duration per Work Area

It is now possible to define custom duration per task type, per Work Area.
This again makes the Smart Planning reflect the work arrangements more closely.

Custom task duration per Work Area

Overlapping time slots (Time Blocks)

You can now define overlapping time slots, so you can, for example, split the day into 8 short & precise time slots and also in 2 long & relaxed time slots. Then your personnel can first try to offer the long time slots and only if not acceptable – offer the shorter ones. The long time slots give your teams more flexibility and allow also for more optimised planning, the shorter ones fit consumers who are tight on schedule and cannot agree to wait half a day for a technician.
Overlapping time slots

Custom work break for a work schedule

It is now possible to define a custom work break for each Work Schedule. We know that in the past the work break was rarely used because in shorter work schedules it was not needed but have been forced by the application anyway. Now you can edit the work break per work schedule, and also on Work Area level.

Custom work break for work schedule